Is Hop Hop Mass Media?

I’ve been talking too much lately, so let’s hear from someone else for a while.

This is Dr Jared Ball talking to DaveyD over at his TV Channel

He comes at this subject from a different perspective from the one that talks about Hip Hop as a form of ‘urban media’ via the conscious mouths of Public Enemy and KRS One, etc.  Here Dr Ball talks about Hip Hop as a form of Mass Media in the larger sense, and how the movement has been consciously and unconsciously exploited – economically and psychologically.

This is a powerful 10 minute lecture that contains arguments that I would suggest can also be made about all other music genres and youth sub-cultures.  More than only about Hip Hop, it is about the commercialisation of a cultural phenomena.  But even though I say that, the important thing that makes Dr Ball’s argument so clear and relevant to Hop Hip is that it is a sub-culture that, for better or worse, has large influence of particular cultural groups,  (and I say this with a heavy heart, as a child of Hip Hop).

Anyway, enough of what I think.  Here’s DaveyD interviewing Dr Jared Ball.

Word up!


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