Hearing only what they want us to hear

In the UK press at the moment there is a LOT of press coverage about MPs expenses and the fact they are are abusing the system.  Just in the last few hours, one Tory MP had resigned, one Labour MP has been suspensed, and another tory MP has to pay back £2,200 he claimed for “clearing out his moat“!!!! 

As depressingly facsinating as all these stories undoubtedly are, I do worry what news items we ARE NOT being told about, with the tv news and paper full with stories over how MPs are spending tax payers money on themselves.  It is fair enough that this corruption gets media coverage, but what is being squeezed out of the limelight as a result?   What are the MPs getting up to with actual policy getting written into the county’s law books, whilst our eyes are too busy gazing at the smoke screen,  watching Britain’s Got Talent and shocked at the fact MPs are corrupted. 

If you get shocked by the story of an MP’s husband claiming expenses for the porn videoes he watches, (non-UK readers – that is actually a true story!!),  just you wait until you read decades later from today, what they were REALLY getting up to behind the scenes.  That will shock you so much, your hair will turn white and you’ll need a new photo for your compulserary ID card!   



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