Light At The End Of The PhD Literature Review Tunnel……

I think I see some light.  I’ll be at the end soon!  

Or is that just another oncoming train?


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6 thoughts on “Light At The End Of The PhD Literature Review Tunnel……

  1. Hello Sireita. Thanks for your message. I’m not so sure I can see light, it’s more of a murky dusky faint light through fog. Finished the first draft yesterday but this morning I realise it will still need more work. We’ll both get there though. All the best with yours! Kind regards, Shawn

  2. Hi Shawn
    Just to let you know I am a big fun of your blog. I am a research student at the London Metropolitan University. My thesis is on how community media in Uganda makes it possible for the marginalised to enjoy development as defined by Amartya Sen’s ‘Development as freedom’ I will be emailing you soon with request for advices. Cheers and keep cracking on!!!!

  3. Thank you for your message and gald you like the blog. I look forward to receiving your email, would be good to connect. I know Peter Lewis a bit at London Met, who has written much about community media. All the best with your research. Regards, Shawn

  4. Hi Shawn. Peter Lewis is my supervisor; top man!!! I still have a long way to go and would really love a ‘piggy ride’ from people like you who have made in roads in the world of media research. I am compiling a dossier (dont want to scare you) of areas i need help with. Stay well and God bless. Till then.


  5. Peter is great I agree! I need to send him back a report he lent me. Tell him it’s safe and he’ll get it back soon! lol A dossier is kind of a scary word, reminds me a searching for WMDs!! Seriously though do get in touch, be good to chat and I’ll be happy to help where I can. I’m at – shawn [dot] sobers [at] uwe [dot] ac [dot] uk

    All the best, looking forward to speaking more soon. Regards, Shawn

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