Uni runs Graduate Certificate in Participatory Arts and Media Professional Practice

Here are details of a Graduate certificate course I helped to write at the University of the West of England, which is aimed at people working in community arts & media.

There are three modules, with a wide range of tutors each module;

Participatory Arts: Practice & Context
Looks at the history of community arts & media, influential theories (e.g. Paulo Freire’s dialogic pedagogy), informal education theories, government influence and evaluation models.

Participatory Arts: Methods & Approaches 
Explores the practice, techniques and experiences of facilitating sessions, the tensions between process and product in varying contexts, the principles of participant authorship and ownership, and policies when working with young people and vulnerable adults.  This module is also being run separately for artists dedicated to working in the field of Health & Social Care.

Participatory Arts: Project Management 
This module explores current funding landscapes, methods of fundraising, writing applications, project planning, marketing, and the need for freelancers to be business savvy (even) when working in a community context.

The read the official description click this link or read below.



UWE launch a new accredited course for Participatory Arts and Media Practitioners on our Bower Ashton campus.

We have been working with the Community Arts/Media and Arts & Health sectors to develop a flexible training course leading to a NEW qualification in Participatory Arts & Media – the first of its kind in the UK!

The Graduate Certificate in Participatory Arts and Media Professional Practice is aimed at arts graduates (People not currently working in the sector/recent graduates are required to have some relevant experience prior to application) or those working in any art form with groups in education, healthcare or the community sectors.

Each twelve week course is designed to fit around the practitioners’ lives and work, participants can take three modules in any order over the three years to obtain the Certificate, or take just one or two of the modules for their own personal development.

Graduate Certificate module information

Take any of the following modules as separate continuing professional development courses (CPD) to update your skills without UWE credits. Or link three modules together (with credits), in any order over three academic years, to gain the NEW Qualification: Graduate Certificate – Participatory Arts & Media Professional Practice. 


Participatory Arts: Practice & Context
Dates: 28 September to 21 Dec 09
Day Schools: 28 Sep, 26 Oct, 23 Nov, 21 Dec 10am – 5pm approx.
Open for applications: 20 July 2009 – Closed 21 August 2009

Participatory Arts: Methods & Approaches**
Dates: 4 January to 29 March 2010
Day Schools: 4 Jan, 1 Feb, 1 Mar, 29 Mar 10am – 5pm approx.
Open for applications: 19 October 2009 – Closed 20 November 2009

Participatory Arts in Healthcare Settings: Methods & Approaches**
Dates: 9 October 2009 to 10 March 2010
Day Schools: 9 Oct, 27 Nov, 22 Jan, 10 Mar
Please contact School of Health & Social Care for further information

Participatory Arts: Project Management: Professional Practice 
Dates: 19 April 2010 to 12 July 2010
Day Schools: 19 Apr, 17 May, 14 Jun, 12 Jul 10am – 5pm approx.
Open for applications: 8 February 2010 – Closed 12 March 2010

** Students need to choose between the Facilitation modules, according to their interest

Applications will not be accepted before opening dates or after closing dates

Each module is twelve weeks long, with only one day per month spent on campus, limiting your need to travel and allowing you to choose when and how to study whilst carrying on working. The course uses a specially designed e-learning website for students to learn and interact with each other throughout their modules and after, creating a networking hub for practitioners.

Fees: £596 accredited, £485 unaccredited per module

See below for news on getting financial support.


download application form

Please send completed applications to: :

Continuing Professional Development
School of Creative Arts
Bower Ashton Campus
Kennel Lodge Road
Bristol BS3 2JT

0117 328 4810



 UPDATE from Samantha Williams, the course co-ordinator.



There is some funding available to help with the cost of taking the Graduate Certificate Participatory Arts & Media Professional Practice


The University of the West of England with its partners has put together a package of nearly £1m including winning almost £500,000 funding from the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) Economic Challenge Investment Fund (ECIF) to find ways of helping businesses during the current economic downturn. The ECIF was introduced earlier this year to enable the Higher Education sector to respond rapidly to the skills development and retraining needs of employers and individuals. 
The ESIF money is to help individuals and businesses affected by the downturn in the economy, and help them upskill and gain further training.
If you are:
  • an individual practitioner who is finding it hard to get work in the sector due to the downturn
  • an individual who has been made redundant, or had contracts finished/reduced due to the downturn
  • an arts organisation who has had to make cutbacks due to the economic downturn
then you will be eligible to apply for up to £400 per person towards this training course.
The maximum you can spend of this money towards each module is half of the actual cost (eg half of £596 = £298) with the remainder available to you until September 2010, towards modules taken in that time-frame.
If you would like to apply for the Participatory Arts course and think you may fit the criteria for funding, you need to make an application to the ESIF fund on the application form on the website link above, and then tell us (CPD course team sca.cpd@uwe.ac.uk)  you have made that application, when you submit your application for a module to us, so we can keep track of students applying for this funding.
I hope this proves useful for you and your networks
Kindest regards
Samantha Williams
Project Co-ordinator
Professional Skills Programme for Community Arts/Media & Creative Education Practitioners
(HERDA Higher Skills Project)
Faculty of Creative Arts
University of the West of England
Bower Ashton, Bristol BS3 2JT



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