OURMedia 8 en Colombia

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From: For communication among alternative media producers, academics, artists, and activists. on behalf of Juan Salazar
Sent: Tue 28/07/2009 18:23
Subject: OURMedia 8 en Colombia

OURMedia 8 in Colombia

Dear colleagues and friends from the OurMedia network worldwide,

Once more we have gathered to continue the process of dialogue that we
started eight years ago when we met for the first time. As in previous
occasions we miss all of those that are part of the network, at the
international level, but couldn¹t come to Medellin, Colombia, where we are
having the conference.

However we bear you in our minds and we want to keep you informed on this
meeting. During the week we will send you every day a brief description of
every day¹s activities, focusing on salient aspects.

To start, we want you to know that we have over 120 participants in the
conference, 40 of which are internationals who came from Argentina,
Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Spain, United States, France, Ghana,
Hungary, England, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Senegal and

Participation from Colombia is of course the most important, not only in
numbers but also for the variety and quality of experiences and ideas shared
with the others.

The Recinto Quirama where we have gathered is a beautiful place surrounded
by vegetation and peacefulness, an appropriate environment to have our
dialogues without distractions. The efforts that the Local Committee has
done to guarantee the success of the conference have been rewarded.

We have during the whole week an intense and varied programme, which we will
share with all members of the network around the planet, to encourage them
to participate in our future OurMedia 9 Conference.

Please visit our website for more details, photos and papers. – http://ourmedianetwork.org/

Organising Comité


One thought on “OURMedia 8 en Colombia

  1. Unfortunately I cannot be there this year! Last year’s OurMedia7 in Ghana was fantastic and I know this year’s will be equal.

    Praying them all peace and inspiring conversations.

    Shawn – (writer of this blog site)

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