UK Election Campaign 2010: The Movie (secret casting notes)

Exactly one week until the good people of England, Scotland and Wales go to the polls, our film got a sudden boost  of publicity yesterday when – stranger than fiction – the current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called a woman pensioner who confronted him “a bigot”.  * 

Here is how the plans for the film’s main characters, due to be released next Thursday May 6th (UK election day), are shaping up. 

Character synopsis 

Jim Carrey plays Gordon Brown 



Both lovable friend and a clumsy buffoon, Carrey’s portrayal of Brown pulls at the heart-strings of the populace (audience) – they kind of like him, but do think it would drive them crazy spending more than five minutes longer in his company? 

Zachary Quinto plays David Cameron 

As he is known more popularly as psycho Sylar in Heroes, the audience will be forever thinking, even though he’s cool and I kind of like him, is he deathly dangerous underneath and soon show his true self? (Obviously this casting decision, of using a psycho from Heroes, is a metaphor of Cameron being in the Conservative Party) 

Leonardo Dicaprio plays Nick Clegg 


 The new cool kid on the block, but no matter how grown up Clegg (Dicaprio) gets, he still looks like a 12-year-old boy and slightly unbelievable.  He talks more sense than Brown and Cameron, but the audience are left with the dilemma, “will the UK be more trusted in the hands of a 12-year-old boy, rather than with an annoying clown or a secret psycho?”   (Judging by the mood & feedback at the test screening of this movie to the general public yesterday, the answer is “probably!”) 


 *If you’re reading outside the UK and don’t know of the when our Prime Minister called a woman a bigot on Live television, this is not a joke!  See here for the BBC news report on the event.


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