The media hype and crushing reality of UK politics


The national anthem of this election is undoubtedly Public Enemy’s ‘Don’t believe the Hype!’  The Lib Dems weren’t as popular as all the media hype suggested throughout the campaign  after the first Leaders’ debate.   On April 18th The  Times ran the headline “Nick Clegg nearly as popular as Winston Churchill“, but today the party came in with just 57 seats, 5 less than in 2005.  Even though the hype was undoubtedly quite an accurate reflection of the public’s mood at the time, the election results have shown that hype is only an illusion until reality catches up with it. 

In this election, media hype was exposed like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz,  a lot of noise and flashing lights, but no substance or basis in authenticity.  The British public lost their nerve and voted for the status quo, slapping media hype in the face like the superficial parasite it is, (even if the hype felt good for them at the time).

Don’t Believe the Hype!

I’m proud of the British people however for ignoring the hype and not voting BNP.  They didn’t manage to get a single candidate into parliament.  Even in Barking, which is Nick Griffin’s seat, they came third after Labour and the Tory’s.  They also has lost all 12 of its seats on east London’s Barking and Dagenham Council.  On Radio 4 last night Nick Griffin claimed that Labour had “orchestrated immigration patterns over the years so that Barking became an African area to keep the BNP out“. Immigration as conspiracy theory, Griffin’s inane babble will undoubtedly continue and escalate on towards the next election, whenever and wherever in the country that may.  Griffin personifies inauthentic hype, because basically he is full of crap and analyses the historical and present world as thin as a veneer.  All noise and no sound.

Don’t believe the Hype!  Enjoy, but don’t lose your nerve!



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