I passed my viva and got my PhD! ;-)

In celebration, here is a ‘Dance your PhD’ video for your delight!  (see explanation of dance below the video).

One day you may well see me dancing stakeholder’s motivations, impacts and cultural sustainability of their involvement in community media education activity.  (of course danced in an ethnographic way!)

Until then, enjoy Kat Potter and friends…..

The dance follows the N2O cycle and demonstrates the fractionation of isotopes which will leave a signature in the tropospheric measurements. All three dancers are N2O molecules, starting on the ground in the soil which is the main source of N2O. N2O is emitted from the soil lightest isotope to heaviest, and the dancers “move on up” in this order. In the troposphere N2O acts as a greenhouse gas through the absorption of radiation in 3 vibrational modes. With one hand as a nitrogen atom, torso as central nitrogen, and the other hand as an oxygen atom, the dancers exhibit the three specific movements of N2O’s vibrational modes. Stepping onto the chairs represents the progression of N2O into the stratosphere, which is its only significant loss process. In the stratosphere the N2O is subject to intense UV radiation from the sun. This high energy is shown in the dancers’ high energy, more spastic dancing. The radiation leads to the photolysis (destruction) of N2O, and the lightest isotopes (and smallest dancer) are preferentially destroyed, thus jumping from the chair.

Kat Potter, MIT, PhD candidate
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science
Supporting dancers: Elke Hodson, Matt Rigby (Post docs, Dept. of EAPS, MIT)
PhD thesis title: Tropospheric N2O isotopic composition: Instrumentation development and preliminary data for the constraint of the N2O global budget and stratospheric influence


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