14 year old Serena Beakhurst missing – a sad silence in the national media

I’m posting information here about Serena Beakhurst, the missing 14 year old girl from London, because the national UK media have not covered this story at all.  She went missing on December 15th, see the main story below.

The silence in the national media of Serena’s disappearance is in stark contrast with the coverage of Joanna Yeates, whose tragic disappearance got masses of global coverage even before her body was found and landlord arrested.

I will not use this post to make any judgements as to why I feel the national media have not picked up Serena’s disappearance in the same way as Joanna’s, as that would be inappropriate at such a sensitive time in both cases. 

I am posting the information here as I just want Serena to be found safe and reunited with her family.    

I also want the police to investigate it as thoroughly as any other case, and for the media to show some equality in what missing persons cases they choose to promote.  Sadly the latter seems too much to ask.

If you know of any information about Serena that will help her being found, please contact the numbers below.

She is also known as ‘Serena Dennis’.


Police appeal for missing Tulse Hill girl

1:31pm Thursday 23rd December 2010

Police are appealing for information to help trace a 14-year-old girl who went missing a week ago.

Serena Beakhurst was last seen at home in Tulse Hill at 9am on Wednesday, December 15, but did not return after leaving to attend a training course on Mitcham Road in Tooting.

The girl is described as mixed race with light skin tone, 5 ft 3in in height, of slim build and with shoulder length hair.

When last seen, she was wearing a black leather jacket with a gold zipper.

Anyone with information should call Lambeth Missing Persons’ Unit on;

020 8649 3423   or   0300 123 1212,

quoting reference number: 10MIS049123.

(See original article here)

Short video appeal


6 thoughts on “14 year old Serena Beakhurst missing – a sad silence in the national media

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  2. Great news, Serena has been found safe! 😉


    Thanks for all your support and spreading the word. Still very dissapointmented in the national media in covering this story, but they slowly came on board in that past two days and every little counts.
    Serena if you are reading this, even though I don’t know you, know that you are loved very much. Please stay safe.

    Best wishes.

    Shawn – Beyond Project

  3. And yes I do agree that had Serena been a 14 year old white girl, the UK national media’s reaction would have been very different indeed! Sad to have to say this in 2011, but I believe it is very true.

    Shawn – Beyond Project

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