Stop the Stokes Croft Bristol violence, enough is enough! (more trouble last night!!)

More trouble in Stokes Croft again last night!  I feel the protesters have done more damage to the area than a Tesco Metro ever could. I know the arguments about globalisation blah blah but this is over the top! I don’t agree with the police tactics and heavy handed way they are evicting the squat, and Tesco haven’t helped themselves with their bullying tactics, but this is no longer about the wishes of local people, but the ego of outside agitators! Sad times! ;-(

See video direct at –

Video courtesy of South Blessed Community Channel


10 thoughts on “Stop the Stokes Croft Bristol violence, enough is enough! (more trouble last night!!)

  1. You have just summed it up perfectly! These aren’t people who live here and they’ve wrecked the community that they’re protesting for! There are about 20 riot vans outside now, which is completely unnecessary and we’re not allowed to leave our house 😦
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  2. People should be protesting the council, who are the real villains in this yet seem to be avoiding blame very well. It’s about the only thing they do well… Tesco is evil but the council hadn’t said yes, they wouldn’t be there and none of this would have happened. Go and kick the council’s doors in rather than burning bins…
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  3. Seriously, they take THOUSANDS of pounds off each of us and can’t even pick the bins up on a weekly basis. Listening to what council tax payers actually want also seems to be beyond the feckless gimps…
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  4. Well said mate I mean what have acheived but to show the worst side of society, just shameless man.
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  5. All these big chain stores have the council by the balls, i would not say they are evil but act out of greed responsible only to there shareholders not you or me.

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  6. yeah last night definitely seemed like there were just riot tourists up for a ruck from what i can gather :/

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  7. I agree with you Shawn, this doesn’t feel like the spirit of the protestors who were leafleting here a couple of weeks ago and seemed interested in the transition towns movement. I’m hiding out a bit, helicopters were circling in force most of last night maybe expecting things to kick off again around the time of the royal weddin…
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  8. Thast’s really interesting, thanks Anil. They’ve agreed to open Tescos on Stokes Croft again. Will watch what happens with interest……

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