The irrelevance of The Sun newspaper in today’s British society

Front page of every paper is about the hacking scandal and Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation as head of the Metropolitan Police Force.   All except The Sun, which has The Beckhams’ baby in a huge photo, with just a tiny mention of this story. In the future The Sun should not dare ever complain about the low levels of education in this country, as they are the prime promoters of keeping British society ignorant and uneducated.

Here’s the headlines;

The Times“Forced Out”

The Independent “Hacking: Stephenson quits, Brooks arrested” – Same story as The Times, added with information about Rebekyah Brooks, the most powerful woman in British media, being arrested over the same scandal.

i“Hacking scandal topples Britain’s top policeman”

The Daily Telegraph“Scotland yard chief quits with parting shot at Cameron” – same story, with details of how Stephenson in his resignation speech hinted at Prime Minister David Cameron being in the same compromising situation, as he hired Andy Coulson as the Conservative Party’s Director of Communications.  Coulson was arrested last week over the scandal.

The Mirror“Copped It”

The Guardian“Met chief quits over hacking”

The Sun“Picture of Happiness: Becks & daughter” – The front page dominated by a huge photograph of David Beckham and his new baby daughter. On the side there is a tokenistic tiny column of a few lines with the caption, “Top cop quits over hacking”.

Here’s Billy Bragg, to explian everything else you need to know about The Sun, which is too dirty to be used even as toilet paper.

Nuff said!


One thought on “The irrelevance of The Sun newspaper in today’s British society

  1. Selection of comments from Facebook. Identities have been protected.

    LD – keep on just saying x

    JS – i would pass comment but unfortunately i cant read, as when i was growing up me mam and dad bought The Sun cos it was cheaper and had the best cartoons (gotta love Hagar the Horrible), and also cos it was a bit softer on’t backside than The Mirror.

    Shawn Sobers – The exactly the same in my family, I’m not forgetting where I came from. Hagar was great, sadly not great enough to keep on buying it. Haha

    Shawn Sobers – ‎@JS – there was also a saucy cartoon strip under Hagar called ‘George & Lynne’ I think. That was probably the most educational thing in the paper!! LOL

    JS – yeah i remember George and Lynne.. i never got it. Were they swingers?

    Shawn Sobers – I was too young and innocent to know! lol x

    JS – I bet they were.. he looked creepy even for the 70’s. Or he was and emotionally blackmailed her into it lool x

    JM – The daughter he named half-past seven!

    SN – George and Lynne just never found the thermostat to turn the heating down, that’s all

    LD – OOOO Shawn..spitting FIRE!

    JS2 – People who read only the Sun should never complain about low levels of education in this country.

    MR – Sex, sport and games (Nineteen Eighty Four, Orwell) or Soma (Brave New World, Huxley).

    AH – Well said x

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