PhotoPhone wallpaper task – day 1

As my 8 year old daughter loves taking photos, I’ve set her a challenge. She has to find my mobile phone every day (or whenever she remembers, maximum of once a day), take a photo with it and post it as my wallpaper, which I’ll write about for the blog.

This is her first one. It’s a photograph of a school newsletter that she saved from about a year ago, which shows me doing an assembly for her school. Both her and her sister pinned up the newsletter in their bedrooms. Funny she chose this to be her first photo for this experiment.

She knew how to set the picture as wallpaper straight away, such is the digital competency of her generation.

Will be interesting to see how she gets on with this task, and what she takes pictures of. I won’t expect her to do it everyday, but will be interesting to see if she keeps it up at all. I’ll be posting them to this blog direct from my phone, (if this works!!), an experiment into the unknown….


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