PhotoPhone wallpaper task – day 4

This morning she took a photograph of her older sister’s new waterpump, because she likes it and reminds her of at-Bristol science centre. (I used to work there before she was born.)

Her sister bought it last week, when out with her Aunt Fay during half term. The next morning she wanted me to help her make it, but guiltily I had to tell her I had to go to work, that us people who teach in universities don’t get the same school holidays. (Next year I must make myself in charge of timetabling!).

By the time I came home, the pump was made, and she (the eldest) described to me how it all worked. I’m pleased the youngest was inspired enough to want to photograph it. It looks interesting and definitely not flat! (See previous post about the ban on 2D). I think she also secretly wants one. When it first arrived in the house the youngest commented on how the age on the box recommended 14, but with eldest being (only) 11, Aunt Fay still allowed her to have it. That little comment about age, I’m thinking was her way of testing the water to see if the age limit could be lowered even more. I didn’t take the bait.

She (the youngest) has named this photo ‘Water Wind’. Susan Sontag would most probably say that by naming it, as well as photographing it, she already owns it, without having to actually have it.


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