PhotoPhone Wallpaper Task – Day 5

The weekend enables us to get out the house together, and for youngest to take a photograph not confined within the four corners of the house. (I may change the rules of this photo game to be weekends only.)

Yesterday we went for a long walk through the local park which leads into surrounding fields and nature walks. We’ve lived here for four years but there are still many places we have to explore.

By coincidence I’ll now have to cut this post short, as she has just announced she wants to go back out on a walk again today! And there I was comfy at the computer writing this about our walk yesterday, and she now challenges me to live this idea (again) and not just write about it. Not sure I’m happy about this…..fresh air, here we come. Brrrr!


2 thoughts on “PhotoPhone Wallpaper Task – Day 5

  1. Love what ur doing with ur daughter. You are creating memories and good ones too, can’t buy those.

  2. Thank you! 🙂 It’s good fun. I’ve got a bunch more to upload. I can’t keep up with her!! Much thanks for the support.

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