PhotoPhone Wallpaper -Day 7

Two things she really *likes at the moment, (*she might say ‘loves’, but if I heard that I’d have to correct her, but that’s my socialist baggage!!). Her ‘Build-a-Bear’ rabbit called Lucky, and her bean bag, both of which she got for her birthday back in January.

Not sure what else I can say about this really, it’s two things, and she really *likes them. Good enough reason to take a photo of them really. We take photos of people we likelove, and we take photos of landspaces, art, landmarks that we like, so why not objects that we *’own’ (*hardcore socialist theories aside for now!)? It’s not really done that often, as we own it, so what’s the point in photographing it, as it’s not going anywhere? Most of the time we photograph things we feel are slightly beyond our reach of ownership, and the act of having the picture is freezing it time and having that forever in our grasp.

I’m pleased she’s appreciative of the things she has, and values them enough to still useplay with them, and treat them like a treasure she wants to capture for photographic memory. She could already have discarded them and be taking photos of other things she covets, so I’m thankful now she took this picture.

Two things she *likes.

Fair enough.


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