Complaint sent to the BBC about the bias on the BBC Bristol newsdesk – 26.5.13

This was sent to the BBC via their complaints website –

“On 25 May there was an anti-Islamic EDL faction march in Bristol, which started in the Kingswood area and turned violent in a pub in Church Road. They were heading to Lawrence Hill and Easton, quite Muslim populated areas of Bristol, before the police stopped them.  The on-line news story on the BBC news page made no mention of the EDL or the anti-Islamic nature of the march.  Every other local news source has mentioned this, but not BBC Bristol.  I find this hugely disturbing and this does need investigating.  It smells of news bias, which is extremely concerning.  It’s not what the news item says that is biased, it’s what it doesn’t say.  If this was an Islamic march, a Black people’s march or an anti-capitalist protest that turned violent, then you can be 100% certain that the BBC News desk would have mentioned that.  (For reference, see how BBC Bristol reported the violence that followed the “street party” that celebrated the death of Margret Thatcher in Easton in April.)

I don’t think I need to say anything more.  I am not a serial complainer, though this is the third time I’ve made a complaint about your news bias in the past two years.  I had a reply to the first (about the Olympics), but my second one got ignored.  I feel this complaint however cannot be ignored, as if there is evidence of news bias on a local news desk, how far does this go?  We need to be able to trust the BBC, and suspect reporting such as this makes you compromised.”



See my previous blog post for further details and link to the original story.


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