Anecdote of media’s domino-effect impact on a child

This morning on a lazy Sunday, watching ‘Good Luck Charlie‘ on the Disney Channel with my 9 year old daughter, two of the characters talked about a game of chess.  My daughter then said to me, ‘Let’s play chess’, and promptly got out the dusty multi-games compendium from its hiding place, leaving the remainder of the programme left unwatched.  (I checked and she had not watched that episode before.)

So far we’ve played two games of chess, about six games of dominoes, two games of draughts and many games of rummy and pontoon.  While I got lunch ready she played solitaire (not on a computer) then got out her skipping rope.

In the week of the release of the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, it’s good to remember that not all impacts of the media on children are negative.  The caution is, impacts are also unexpected and unpredictable, and that can work both ways.

TV Positive

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