Black History in Wiltshire symposium

Last week I was honoured to Chair (and speak at) the ‘Black History in Wiltshire’ symposium in East Tytherton.

The earliest known record of a person strongly suspected of being an African living in Wiltshire is 1586, Maria Mandula (described in the records as “Stranger, Aethiops”) living in Calne. (Ref – Terry Bracher)

This is the grave of Leonora Casey Carr from Antigua, 1808 – 1837, buried in the Moravian church grave yard in East Tytherton. Tracing her family records, it is very likely she is a descendent of the family of Edward Colston. (Ref – Nigel Pocock and Madge Dresser)

The other speakers were:

Terry Bracher – Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre
Rose Young – SeeMe project
Nigel Pocock – East Tytherton Heritage Project
Marika Sherwood –¬†Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London.
Fiona Churcher – London churches

An enlightening day spent with lovely people.

Leonora casey carr


Leonora plaque

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