Consider You.

Consider your family tree, a network of ancestors stretching back to eternity. Generations deep equation of personalities + meetings + connections + relations that have survived though time, to = you.

Consider your belief in *creation/evolution [*delete as applicable], and the wondrous stages of unfolding life, stages of development, and distance travelled of your cells to reach your body today, from way back when in that point of making.

Consider your more recent natural history, the battle you fought before you were united with your necessary joined entity. Surviving the swim through a million competitors, to emerge through the drama to tell the story of something so simple, it denies the magnitude of essence of the meet – sperm to egg, grown into the human form you see in the reflective glass, as you brush your teeth. Taking ourselves for granted, denies the magnitude of the achievement of our existence.

Consider your more recent cultural history, your years crawling, toddling, walking, running, trodding through this play space called Earth, in your * [* x amount of] years. Vulnerable yet secure, cautious yet confident, learning yet knowing. Making it up as we go along, helped by others, and standing on our own feet. Things that add up to spell the word known as e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e. What adds up to make the person you are today, you.

Consider these things, and more if inclined, or less – as is your right. Consider your breathe – inhale / exhale – and give thanks for life. Give thanks for you.

Shawn-Naphtali Sobers
2 Aug 2016








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