Beyond Slavery – Open Democracy – essay series

Advertising this series of short essays on the Beyond Slavery section of the Open Democracy website, about the role of memory and remembrance in relation to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and slavery.

This particular series is by local writers working in the Bristol and Bath area. Hope you find of interest. Please share.

‘Slavery: memory and afterlives’ by Julia O’Connell Davidson  

‘(Very) close to the bone’ by Ralph Hoyte  

‘Literary archaeology: exploring the lived environment of the slave’ by Josie Gill  

‘Language and resistance: memories of slavery and Rastafari language’ by Shawn-Naphtali Sobers  

‘Obliteration, contextualisation or ‘guerrilla memorialisation’?’ by Madge Dresser   ]

‘Slavery and visual memory: what Britain can learn from France’ by Olivette Otele  

‘Black Bristol, racism and slavery: one narrative to rule them all?’ by Edson Burton  

‘Disinterring the enslaved’ by Jenny Davis  

‘Colston, the cathedral and Bristol’s children’ by Christine Townsend  

‘Adding flesh to the bones: re-imagining stories of the enslaved through the analysis of human skeletal remains’ by Catriona J McKenzie  

If you’re interested to write an article for Beyond Slavery then see the information on the site.

A procession for Slavery Remembrance Day. Department for Local Communities and Government//


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