Simple Things

Heartbroken at what has happened in Manchester. My humble thoughts and prayers for those affected, though I know that is not enough and will mend nothing. Just a gesture but I feel helpless and hopeless not knowing what else I can do or solidarity to share, especially on a virtual social platform made up of digital dots that ultimately means nothing.

When will love enter the real world, into the hearts of these evil men? (yes I said evil.) (yes I said men).

When will compassion make itself known to such evil men? When will plain common sense enter the minds of such evil men to tell them this is not the way to win any argument, to target the most innocent in society going about their daily lives?

I have lost touch with what such evil men are fighting for and arguing over as nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing, will justify such a barbaric act. As soon as their justification enters their mouth it will dry like cigarette ash on their tongue as it will mean as much and taste as foul.

Peace must reign from all corners. Many may accuse me of being simplistic but no apology for that as the answers in life are very often simple, it is the ego of men that makes life complicated.

Peace must reign from all corners. That is all I know. Simple things.



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