Never take your own footprints for granted.

Left footprint, Barbados 2005.
Right footprint, Cornwall 2010.
Never take your own footprints for granted.

The turning of dates on a calender is an artificial structure to make sense of nature’s very real cycle of seasons. Some people say they can’t wait for this year to be over, as if the year label has any bearing on the quality of the time spent.

The only difference between Dec 31st 2018 and Jan 1st 2019 is what you choose to do each passing second, and IF you are here to make those choices. The ‘IF’ is very real, sadly so, we don’t want to accept how real it is. We cannot take our footsteps for granted. My feet may never touch sand again, and I need to be okay with that knowledge if I say I’ll leave it to tomorrow to visit the beach, as tomorrow may never come.

There’s a morbid joke – “There were people on the Titanic that turned down the dessert menu.”. Of course there’s many ways to interpret that, and I’m not promoting unabandoned hedonism. Just go for what you want to go for, and if it’s not harming anyone else, don’t worry what other people think of you.

I try not to take my own footsteps for granted. If my feet never touch sand again, at least I have fond memories. 💚💛❤️

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