Response to complaints against Radio 1 playing Dave’s ‘Black’.

Opinion piece… Yesterday Radio 1 played the song ‘Black’, by Dave, and some listeners complained saying it was ‘reverse racism’ for him to talk about being proud to be Black. I’d say if they see this song as a problem, then it is they themselves that are the problem. Arguably however this is where communication

Response to new art work in front of Edward Colston statue

I have to speak up and say I find this anonymous art installation pretty offensive. Without the words I feel this would be a perfect response to the Colston statue, the shadow cast as a slave ship. With the words however it’s problematic. There is no comparison between the workers mentioned in the art piece,

Emancipation Day march 2018

Written on August 2nd 2018 Yesterday I was honoured to be a volunteer Steward for the fifth successful annual August 1st Emancipation Day march in London, from Brixton to Parliament, and back again. Thousands of Afrikan people marching peacefully, and that is why you didn’t read about it in the media. They would only report