Say It With Your Work

I found this great adaptation image on the exittheapple website, and I loved it so much I’m posting it here. This image sums up my motivation for getting into creative endeavours of film, photography and writing etc in the first place, (see my work at website – click here), and it’s a great reminder. As

PhD Thesis – BEYOND PROJECT: An Ethnographic Study in Community Media Education

ABSTRACT BEYOND PROJECT: An Ethnographic Study in Community Media by Shawn Naphtali Sobers Research Question “According to facilitators, participators and trainees of community media educational activity, what are the prime motivations of involvement, and what impacts and areas of sustainability result from the sector’s instances of pedagogy?” Thesis Summary The author of this thesis is

The rise of Pirate Radio in the UK [text and theme song]

Extract from ‘History of Community Media – Literature Review Part 1’ – Shawn Sobers (c) 2010 The 1960s saw a new phenomenon arise that changed the landscape of British radio (and arguably long term also television) forever – the advent of offshore pirate radio (Coyer, 2007: 18).  Finding a loophole in the law, repurposed fishing

Community Media as ‘Third Cinema’

I haven’t written here much lately as I had to put all my writing energy into finishing writing my PhD, which is now done, (the viva in May, wish me luck!!!).  There are a few places I want to take my research further in the future, one of which is to develop the discourse of positioning the

Channels of activity and emphasis of thought in Community Media (a methodology of mapping)

Since 2004, whenever I have given a paper at a conference about community media I have shown a table on powerpoint, (see the first table below).  I would go on to explain how this table informed my definition of the sector – which is according to the main areas of emphasis of activity by practitioners.  My description and

Open letter to the Prime Minister regarding Community Radio in the UK

I recently c0-signed this letter initiated by Steve Buckley, President of AMARC and Director of Sheffield Live fm.  See the letter in it’s original context at   ========== Open letter to the Prime Minister from 82 community radio leaders, media scholars and experts including representatives of 60 community radio stations from all nations and

Art World / Community Media World

I read with interest on BBC News that David Hockney (at 72 years old is regarded as one of the UK’s greatest living artists) is using his iPhone to create artwork, and that this may now be a new departure for him.  It started when he drew a picture on his iPhone and then emailed