Introduction to ’12 Years a Slave’, The Watershed – 28.1.14

[Below is a written up version of what was spoken from the head, rather than recited from a script. Introduction given at The Watershed, Bristol, 28 January 2014, 5.30pm] Good evening and welcome to the Watershed for the screening of ‘12 years a Slave’.  I’m Dr Shawn Sobers – I’m told to use the “Dr”

Chapter in new book ‘Slavery and the British Country House’

Proud to see this book arrive, ‘Slavery and the British Country House’, published by English Heritage, which includes a chapter by me and Rob Mitchell. Book edited by Madge Dresser. The book is full of insights into how the finances from the slave trade built the aristocracy and the legacies still visible in the British landscape. Link

PhD Thesis – BEYOND PROJECT: An Ethnographic Study in Community Media Education

ABSTRACT BEYOND PROJECT: An Ethnographic Study in Community Media by Shawn Naphtali Sobers Research Question “According to facilitators, participators and trainees of community media educational activity, what are the prime motivations of involvement, and what impacts and areas of sustainability result from the sector’s instances of pedagogy?” Thesis Summary The author of this thesis is

3rd Cinema Screening Room #2: Average Journey For An Average Refugee

Continuing the theme of Third Cinema films coming out of community media, please see the film below.  It is based on a true story, and by a pure coincidence relates to the discussion of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ that I explored in the previous post, though the film has a very different conclusion. Average Journey For

3rd Cinema Screening Room #1: Women’s Voices

This film was made with female prisoners in the UK.  Originally commissioned for a conference on the issue of women in prison, the work was deemed too powerful for the prison service and they tried to stop it being shown.  Their decision was not honoured and it was shown anyway and caused much debate.  The women

Community Media as the constant entity in generational change in education, and elusive Clout and Capital.

Last night I went to an interesting seminar at the Watershed Media Centre called ‘Cultural Learning: Young people – schools – creative industries’.  It was all about the 8 month relationship the Watershed have built up with Fairfield High School, which has seen a teacher being based at the Watershed one day a week, film & TV professionals

Declaration of a conflict of interest in Communty Media

Unlike many MPs now the centre of public wrath, I will declare a blatent conflict of interest.  The website I am promoting here was made by me for a project I facilitated. So in the interests of good old fashioned moral transparency – please go and visit it, it’s absolutely amazing!  Thank you.

The multiple faces of Media Literacy

I attended the informative “Your Media, Your Tools” dissemination event at Leicester’s De Montfort University run by the Community Media Association (CMA) last Friday. It included a presentation by Ofcom talking about their media literacy agenda, as well as radio and video groups from across the UK showcasing the results of their involvement in CMA’s


UPDATE: Community Media South West have published a new report: MAKING IT WORK: An Enquiry into how companies in the Community Media Sector recruit and retain skilled freelancersPublished by – CMSW / Blueboard – Jan 2007 Research by Ella Bissett Johnson Edited by Shawn Sobers, and Steve Gear Synopsis This report is a timely and