Complaint sent to the BBC about the bias on the BBC Bristol newsdesk – 26.5.13

This was sent to the BBC via their complaints website – “On 25 May there was an anti-Islamic EDL faction march in Bristol, which started in the Kingswood area and turned violent in a pub in Church Road. They were heading to Lawrence Hill and Easton, quite Muslim populated areas of Bristol, before the police

Warning: (Possible) News bias detected on BBC Bristol news desk

Why didn’t the BBC Bristol news desk mention it was an anti-Islamic EDL march that turned violent in Bristol?  If this was an Islamic march, Black people’s march or anti-capitalist protest that turned violent you can bet that would have been mentioned.   What is going on BBC Bristol?  I sure hope you are not

Sniper Michael Gove MP (Once a week news pic)

Image produced by Shawn Sobers for Once a Week News Pic series. Original copyright remains on image details. Tougher targets for schools is not the answer to problems in education. The problem is too much top down agenda setting and interfering.  New Labour were bad enough with this, and in a record short space of

Winterbourne View: care home newsletter (Once a week news pic, plus comment on ‘new’ vs ‘old’ media)

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke Note: I think this BBC Panorama documentary and reporter Joe Casey should go down in history, not only for raising awareness of the evil actions it witnessed, but also to highlight the reasons why serious investigative journalism should never die