The irrelevance of The Sun newspaper in today’s British society

Front page of every paper is about the hacking scandal and Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation as head of the Metropolitan Police Force.   All except The Sun, which has The Beckhams’ baby in a huge photo, with just a tiny mention of this story. In the future The Sun should not dare ever complain about the

Sniper Michael Gove MP (Once a week news pic)

Image produced by Shawn Sobers for Once a Week News Pic series. Original copyright remains on image details. Tougher targets for schools is not the answer to problems in education. The problem is too much top down agenda setting and interfering.  New Labour were bad enough with this, and in a record short space of

Signs of Times – placards of student protest (The Musical)

Photographs taken during the first student & lecturer march against the ConDem rise in tuition fees, November 10th 2010.  A one stop shop for all your student placard slogan needs. All photography by me – Shawn Sobers Music by Musical Youth – original copyright remains All messages by The People If the video does not

The media hype and crushing reality of UK politics

  The national anthem of this election is undoubtedly Public Enemy’s ‘Don’t believe the Hype!’  The Lib Dems weren’t as popular as all the media hype suggested throughout the campaign  after the first Leaders’ debate.   On April 18th The  Times ran the headline “Nick Clegg nearly as popular as Winston Churchill“, but today the party came in with just

UK Election Campaign 2010: The Movie (secret casting notes)

Exactly one week until the good people of England, Scotland and Wales go to the polls, our film got a sudden boost  of publicity yesterday when – stranger than fiction – the current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called a woman pensioner who confronted him “a bigot”.  *  Here is how the plans for the film’s

Brown, Cameron, Clegg, and the art of Participation in political rhetoric

This week in the UK we’ve had our first ever televised political leaders debate in an election campaign.  50 years after the USA first did it with Kennedy vs Nixon, there’s no turning back now……..   I am interested in participation, access, inclusion and those kinds of things, so below is my transcript of the Brown vs Cameron vs Clegg debate,

Political Party membership – the figures that really matter (silence in the media that needs to awaken!)

Now with the General Election less than a month away in England, all talk is on how many votes the three main parties will get.  The figures I am more interested in, especially long-term, is how many members will each party have?  The only talk of party membership in the media has been about the far-right