Five Corners of Reggae Music

SPEECH GIVEN AT THE AFRIKA EYE FILM FESTIVAL – 12 NOV 2016 Introduction given before the screening the documentary Roots, Reggae, Rebellion. ____________________________________ Five Corners of Reggae: what reggae music means to me Welcome to the Afrika Eye film festival screening of Roots, Reggae, Rebellion, the documentary on the history or reggae music presented by Akala.

Starting reflections on running and curating a small art gallery….

I started this blog 8 years ago in 2007, and in that time it has gone through many different identities – the main one being musings for when I was doing my PhD.  Since finishing the PhD in 2010 the blog has waned somewhat, and I have struggled to keep it sustained. I’m now thinking

Saint George’s Day for All

Happy Saint George’s Day! Photograph © Shawn Naphtali Sobers 2010 On Radio 4 a while ago there was a debate about patron saints and nationalism, and if it was a healthy thing.  One of the guests said they thought Saint George’s day was a good opportunity for different communities to celebrate in England, as Saint George himself represented inclusiveness as