Anecdote of media’s domino-effect impact on a child

This morning on a lazy Sunday, watching ‘Good Luck Charlie‘ on the Disney Channel with my 9 year old daughter, two of the characters talked about a game of chess. ┬áMy daughter then said to me, ‘Let’s play chess’, and promptly got out the dusty multi-games compendium from its hiding place, leaving the remainder of

THE DAY ANGELS WEPT: Ideology, Television and Rodney King

Written in 1995 when I was in my second year of my undergraduate degree, I wrote this essay about Rodney King, the LA riots, and the role of the media. I thought it was apt to upload it here today, on the day of Rodney King’s death. To access the Pdf click here.

WORDS INSIDE: Books, Marginalia and Technology

Civil Society Notes by the photographer Reason: Studying for PhD Published 2008, notes in same year ===== Pedagogy of the Oppressed Notes by photographer Reason: Studying for PhD, logging quotes Book purchased second hand, already contained some notes (not shown) ===== Of Mice and Men Inscription: ‘From Wendy, Christmas 1963′ (unknown) Published 1963 Book owned