Is Hop Hop Mass Media?

I’ve been talking too much lately, so let’s hear from someone else for a while. This is Dr Jared Ball talking to DaveyD over at his TV Channel.  He comes at this subject from a different perspective from the one that talks about Hip Hop as a form of ‘urban media’ via the conscious mouths of

FAQ of Community Media: A case study

Understandably, for people who don’t know the community media sector exists at all, it can often be difficult to get their head around exactly what community media is, and how such organisations operate.  And even after being in existence now for 9 years working as a company, (Firstborn Studios – formerly known as Firstborn Creatives), it still isn’t

The multiple faces of Media Literacy

I attended the informative “Your Media, Your Tools” dissemination event at Leicester’s De Montfort University run by the Community Media Association (CMA) last Friday. It included a presentation by Ofcom talking about their media literacy agenda, as well as radio and video groups from across the UK showcasing the results of their involvement in CMA’s

Will the real Renaissance please stand up?

  Culture Secretary James Purnell says in today’s Guardian (5 Jan 08); “Community arts in many ways can be excellent in a different way from, say, the National Theatre. But what I wouldn’t say is, ‘We’ll tolerate average work because it happens to be in a particular location.” In another part of the article the