Roots & Wings Photography – Press Release

I have some photography work in this exhibition.  The show tours Crawley, Barbados and Brighton throughout 2012. PRESS RELEASE The innovative programme is designed create opportunities for sharing, networking and learning for artists from diverse backgrounds, through international creative exchanges. The project has been developed as a response to the upcoming residency of the Barbados

Photography, protest and politics (deliberate small’p’s)

Over the next year I’m going to go back to my roots and make more pictures, both still and moving, as well as writing words (which I may do less).  As a political (small ‘p’) animal at heart, it is work that has something to say, or maybe more importantly work that asks questions, that

Disconnected colonial landscapes in a pre-photographic era

Before the invention of photography and film, we got to know the world beyond our personal experience through the oral, drawn, painted and written descriptions of the explorers that went forth, and came back.  The communication between what was experienced via the explorer’s senses, and what was subsequently represented to the people, did not always match up. See below