Response to complaints against Radio 1 playing Dave’s ‘Black’.

Opinion piece… Yesterday Radio 1 played the song ‘Black’, by Dave, and some listeners complained saying it was ‘reverse racism’ for him to talk about being proud to be Black. I’d say if they see this song as a problem, then it is they themselves that are the problem. Arguably however this is where communication

Lenny Henry: from being Black representation to researching Black representation

I read with interest that Lenny Henry is to embark on a PhD researching into the representation of Black people in the media (see BBC article here).  25/30 years ago Lenny WAS the representation of Black people on UK television, so a big part of his thesis could aptly employ the methodology of vulnerable anthropology and

My email to ITV West – Re: St Pauls Carnival 2007

From: Shawn Sobers Sent: Sun 9/16/2007 13:27 To: Subject: Biased reporting on St Pauls I’ve just watched the 11.55am West Today news update and was disappointed by the highly subjective way you reported yesterday’s events in St Pauls. The people of St Pauls have long complained about the biased nature of reporting about their