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My website of photography, films, artwork and writing is at: www.shawnsobers.com

A bit about me…..

I’m Associate Profressor of Lens Based Media at the University of the West of England and an active practitioner in the Community Media sector.  My 2010 completed PhD explored the motivations, impacts and cultural sustainability of stakeholder’s involvement in community media education.  I regularly write about my research interests of community media, education and society on this blog.

External to academia I co-run Firstborn Creatives media production company with Rob Mitchell and Nzingha Bowen.  We have been running since 1999 and specialise in social interest media production, community media, tv documentary and educational projects.

My television credits include:

‘Unfinished Business’, 2007, BBC, 30 mins, (Director) – Following the debates surrounding Bristol’s recognition of Abolition 2007 , the acknowledgment of the 200th anniversary of “abolition” of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

‘Under the Bridge’, 2000, ITV, 30 mins, (Director) – Exploring the feelings surrounding Bristol and its history of the slave trade. Presented by Rob Mitchell.

‘Footsteps of the Emperor’, 1999, 60 mins, ITV (Producer/Director) – Documentary about Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I and the time He spent living in the city of Bath, England.  Presented by Benjamin Zephaniah.

‘No Change’, 1997, 30 mins, ITV (Director) – Documentary about youth homelessness. Presented by Eleni Kyriacou.

Community Media clients include the National Trust, Bristol City Council, St Pauls Unlimited, Channel 4, BBC Bristol, Real Ideas Organisation, Creative Partnerships, Primary Care Trust, and many other agencies with interests in education, social regeneration and civil society.

I have spoken at various conferences and synposia on the theme of community media, and am increasingly writing papers for journals and publications.  These include;



Many thanks,

Hope you enjoy the blog!

Dr Shawn Sobers

4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Shawn – here’s the weirdest thing… for a piece of work I’m doing (which I’ll tell you about some other time) I wanted to see if there were any quotes I could take from Augusto Boal – so I googled ‘Augusto Boal quotes’… hit a link and started reading the quotes, and only then thought to look at what web site it was… imagine my suprise when I saw it was your blog… do you have time to eat?????

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