Today January 7th is Christmas Day

Today’s meditation. Today is Christmas…. Ethiopia, the only country in Africa never to be colonised by a European country, still follows the ancient Julian calendar. Ethiopia is known to have the oldest established Christian church on earth, established in Biblical times, (not through slavery or colonisation), and still celebrates Christmas on the original date that

In the world

This is in Paris, but it could be anywhere in the world. With a suggestive title it could transport us anywhere. Robert Adams says good landscape photography should contain geography, autobiography, and metaphor. I’m not suggesting this photograph lives up to Robert Adams’ notion of being ‘good’, though for me the metaphor is autobiographical –

Dick Gregory – Nigger

In 1993 when I started my degree in Newport, I visited the university library to find some interesting books. This one caught my eye straight away. Seeing the title, I couldn’t believe it even existed, let alone be in my university library. Shock and awe is an understatement. I took out the book and must