The Little Things

It’s little things like this that you notice. It’s petty, makes you think you’re being paranoid. The only image of a Black person in a BBC quiz is connected with a question about cheating. It chips away at your psyche. It’s these little things you notice. (For further info see ‘WEB Du Bois double consciousness’)

Tribute to Tony Forbes

Today we celebrate the life of Tony Forbes. His 1998 self portrait painting ‘Sold Down The River’ is well known in Bristol, on permanent display in the MShed. A powerful visual critique of how he felt Bristol had not dealt with its history of involvement in Transatlantic Slavery. In 1999 myself and Rob Mitchell interviewed

An Education in Photography

Some people wonder what it means to be a tutor on a photography degree, and indeed, what it means to study photography. Read this short article and hopefully that will become inspiringly clear. The article is about the final year work of Jasmine Bruno, one of our students who has just graduated. She was tutored

Asking questions of digital innovation

Presentation to Digital Placemaking Fellowship research project, Wednesday 29th May 2019. Task: Bring in an object that relates to your work and approach to digital placemaking, and speak about it for 2 minutes. As I’m linking this research project to internet radio station I’ve co-set up, I’ve brought in the case for the audio recorder…..but