Some questions about the Queen’s media habits…..

From being the first (non-engineer) person to make a long distance phone call without an operator in 1958, I wondered how up-to-date Beth II keeps with new technologies. 

1. Is she a PC or a Mac?

2. Does she use the internet?  What’s her email address? 
(  Has she ever Googled herself

3. Has she got a Freeview box, or is she signed up with Sky?

4. Is she HD ready?

5. Does she have a giant flat screen big tv, or is her tv wooden, ornate and in-keeping with her plush Buck Palace surroundings?  (Wonder what a Sony TXaV6-yawn look like in a stately home???).  Or does she use a projector, as it “feels like the Olden Days”?

6. What will she watch now that ITV have cancelled The Bill? (We know she watches The Bill thanks to Charlie Brooker’s ‘Screen Burn’, 29.11.2003.  She also watches Eastenders).

7. Has she upgraded to Blue-ray and/or HD DVD (or whatever these – yawn!! – new formats are)?

8.  Does she have a mobile phone? If she has an Iphone, what apps (yawn!!!) does she use the most?   Who is on her speed dial?  (Surely it must be Barack!!!)

9. Has she got a digital camera? 

10. Does she have a blog?  What would she write about?

11. What picture does she have on her desktop?

12. Has she searched for her old school friends on Facebook?

If our Beth hasn’t keep up to date with ANY of these technologies, is it then fair to say that she is out-of-touch with her people?  I suggest she logs-on quick, before the digital revolution turns into a republican one.  *



* Obviously this comment about revolution is just me being mela-dramatic for artistic effect to conclude this article, but I do feel the comment about being out-of-touch is valid.  Obviously these are only questions, and the Queen may be fully connected.  Her online alias may be Bill Bartmann.


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